BabbleSnap provides a seamless, LMS agnostic, micro-learning platform. Our just-in-time-learning delivery methodology work! We’re getting (on average) 43% continuous system access.

That means that after the formal training event 43% of your learners will go back to the platform for data.  The best we’ve ever seen from a traditional Linear LMS is 3%!

But the benefits don’t stop there. Not only are they getting the information they want or need when they need it, which increase retention and compliance, but research also shows that giving you staff access to the information they need when they need it,  increases productivity by 19.2%


We worked on the design for over a year to ensure that anybody can quickly and easily use the system to full effect.

LMS Agnostic

BabbleSnap does not replace your LMS! In fact, it will maximise your investment, by driving your users back to the content you have already created.


Give your staff the flexibility to learn wherever they are. This could be at home, in the office or out in the field.

Push and ull based Learning

You can push bite-sized learning content to you users, or assign pre-determined learning paths that they need to follow, all linked to your training and development pathway on your LMS. Your staff can pull the data they need by searching, either through the index, a text search or by scanning a QR code attached to a piece of equipment.


BabbleSnap is secured with multi-factor authentication and TLS encryption to keep your information safe.


The learning material that each employee can see can be customised based on their role and competencies so they only see what’s relevant to them.


Quick Functionality Overview



BabbleSnap lets you upload your own Insights and Explainer Videos. The system grows with you! Your IP no longer walks out the door each night. Your staff all contribute to the development of your learning assets. This will free you up to moderate the material and value add.


Research shows that providing your staff with access to vital information when they need it increases productivity by 19.2% on average.

BabbleSnap places all your core data in the palms of their hands.  Never again will anybody ask “how do I do this?”


We track all searches and we can give your top 20 searches with and without results. This allows you to plug knowledge gaps quickly and lets you identify areas that may require additional investment.


BabbleSnap works seamlessly across Apple and Android mobile phones. In our next release (Due in March) we will include Apple and Android tablets as well as support for Microsoft tablet platform.

We use simple .CSV integration files to talk to what ever LMS you have and we can direct your staff back to data located on your intranet.

If you can think of something we missed to make this APP more user friendly and easy to integrate into your existing ecosystem we would love to hear from you!

We truly believe that all learning should be simple effective and fun. BabbleSnap helps make it so!


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